Seamus Moran



Seamus Moran was born in 1963 and after leaving Queen Mary's Grammar School in 1981 took a BA Hons Degree in 3-Dimensional Design specialising in ceramics with glass.

He worked as a modeller/mould maker in Stoke-on-Trent where the emphasis was on the highest quality in mass production. The mould making experience of the potteries was to be an excellent basis for the production techniques used in Design Clinic. He first started working with Richard House in a Walsall pottery and eventually moved to Cornwall in 1988. They went into business 1990 trading as Design Clinic, specialising in innovative resin-cast gift ware. He designed and sculpted almost everything the company has ever produced.
  He also undertakes commissions as well as creating his own personal work, exhibiting in local galleries and at his own shows.
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He married Joanna in 1991 and they now live in Crowan with their three sons. He’s a big fan of The Pixies, Darwin, squid, Guinness and American automobiles from the fifties and sixties, all of which, to varying extents, influence his work.